The choice of packaging machinery for primary & secondary packaging can depend on various situations.These can include available budget, payback period, integration, associated running costs, machine technology and available floor space.

Even after decades of delivering great packaging to our customers, that commitment has never changed. We always find the best solution to fit our customers' needs, even if we have to invent it!. As well as stocking a comprehensive range of packaging supplies from gift boxes to food packaging to industrial packaging supplies, we also carry an extensive line of cleaning, safety, washroom and cafeteria products. By providing this wide range of products and services, we can cater for most of your needs, reducing the number of companies you need to deal with.

Packaging Products is a locally owned and operated company with a number of highly experienced long-serving staff. We’re a family business, and we value our huge loyal customer base who in turn appreciates our honesty and flexibility, and the fact we’re willing to go the extra mile to cater for their requirements.